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On to Lake Titicaca

I just made the 8:00 am bus to Puno this morning. It was a 6 hr. ride and the bus stopped twice on the way for bathroom breaks.


I seen some families along the way living in their small mud huts in the middle of some rocky fields. Their huts where only about 3M X 4M. I have no idea where they got there water from, being that they where on the side of a mountain, and I don't think much of anything could grow on the land. I think the people back in the jungle have allot easier life than these people do.

I walked around Puno a bit, but there was not much to see. I booked another massage, being that my legs where so sore from Machu Picchu but it still didn't help very much. I instructed the lady how to do it, so it was a little better than the other ones I had, but still not worth the $20 I paid. This is the first place I seen where they have bikes with 1 wheel on the back and 2 on the front with a place for you to sit. I would have loved to take a ride on this type of taxi, but was unable to find one when I needed it.


The next day I did a day tour of Lake Titicaca, which is the worlds highest, largest, navigable freshwater lake. We first went and visited some floating islands that the natives make out of reeds. They use these reeds for everything, including eating.


After this we went to a real island and did a 45 minute walk to a village where we ate our Trout dinner (best soup in Peru). I seen 3 different bands marching around playing their drums and trumpets. Some of the musicians had way too much to drink. It is festival time in Peru, and I seen quite a bit of this all over. Some places they throw water balloons at you and spray you with some kind of foam. Each place has their own dates for festival. After that we walked to our boat which was now on the other side of the island and headed back for a 3 hr. trip to Puno.


I decided to take the evening bus to Arequipa from here. After a stop at one city along the way the bus proceeded to take a wrong turn in the middle of the city. We where now going down narrow streets that it couldn't turn out of even when it tried. The driver finally gave up and stopped at an intersection and was somehow able to back the bus back in to the other street and get going down a different street which lead us to a proper highway. There where cars backed up, horns honking, people yelling, people in the bus hammering and stomping. It was quite a show.


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