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The Adventure Begins.

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IMGP0252.jpg After finally getting in touch with my guide we travelled by taxi from Iquitos to Nauta to start my jungle adventure. From Nauta it was a 2 hr boat ride to the village of Libertad where I would stay at a base camp for the next 2 nights. IMGP0978.jpg
I was introduced to village life which consists mostly of gathering food (fishing, picking fruit) and playing soccer and volleyball in the evenings. The jungle supplies everything they need to survive, so even though they are poor they are generally content.

IMGP0259.jpg IMGP0260.jpg IMGP0262.jpg IMGP0269.jpg IMGP0278.jpg IMGP0273.jpg IMGP0983.jpg

These people are dirt poor. The only employment that I can see is from working for the tourist lodges, which are owned by people from outside the village. These camps pay the locals very poorly and that is why my guides have started their own business, and work out of their home.

The homes of these people consist of two rooms. One for cooking and eating which is open to the outdoors, and one room for sleeping which is somewhat closed off from the rest of the house. All sleeping is done under mosquito neeting. The stove consists of a large wooden box about one meter off the floor, which is filled with sand. They burn wood on this and have a grill on top. Boiled, fried and roasted banannas along with rice, spaggetti, chicken, eggs, fish, yuka and papaya is the standard diet. They seem to like their food fried. Sound familiar? There are also many jungle fruits that I was shown, but have no idea what they where called. IMGP0421.jpg

Eduardo, a 27 year old Chilien had just arrived back from a 5 day stay in the jungle and was going back for 10 more, so I decided to join him for a jungle adventure. We became Jungle Brothers for the next 10 days. Wilder (will-der) was our Guide for this jungle excursion, and was also the local Curendero, which is one that knows all the medicines of the jungle. Natural medicine has always interested me so I figured this would be a perfect match.

I had also briefly met another 4 Chiliens that had come back with Eduardo. All had partaken in a Ayahuasca ceremony the night before and all felt like dying except Eduardo. Don´t sound like too much fun to me.

It´s 12:40 AM so I better call it a day. I´m staying at a hostel in Lima and am off to Cuzco by bus tommorow. I have lots more to come, so stay tuned!

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Terminally Ill

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Planning for this trip was lots of fun, even though it was a bit stressing at times. I must admit it was hard finally pushing the Confirm button when ordering my airline tickets. I actually never got over the pre-flight jitters until I finally checked through security.

Yes I´m terminally ill. Terminally ill of air-port terminals that is. They need to lay down thick shag carpets and deep soft cushions so their customers can sleep easier. By the time I reached my final destination I needed to take a vacation from my vacation! IMGP0215.jpg

At the Lima terminal I found myself having a snooze right beside a Missionary named Robert Whatley. He knows Ron and Marilyn quiet good. Small world or what!

Equipping oneself for an Amazon adventure is quite a task especially when only taking 1 carry-on bag. If anyone ever attempts this I would suggest giving oneself at leat 1 1/2 months for ordering and shipping. If your interested in what I brought with me you can check out this link So you´d like to travel light with one bag I am finding things that I would have done a bit different, so if you want to know send me an e-mail please.

Getting off the plane at Lima you find a hundred guys holding signs and yelling at you to get in their taxi. Iquitos was like this to. It can be a bit un-nerving if your not used to it. 8IMGP0228.jpg

Speaking of taxis they have thouands of these 3-wheeler type vehicles in Iquitos, being that it is quite costly to bring vehicles in being that their are no highways coming in. IMGP0241.jpg

After visiting Belen in Iquitos I realized that I never shot any photos of it. Just lots of videos.

I manageD to shoot a couple in the market itself. Fasinating place. IMGP0237.jpg IMGP0238.jpg

Now if only my Guide would give me a phone call. Maybe tommorow.

I´m going to go get myself a room at a hostal.

P.S. I was able to get that elusive Exofficio shirt in Houston TX.

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