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An hour to relax.

Upon arriving in the small ocean town of Paracas I checked in at my Hostal, and then walked around the whole tourist area which only took 15 minutes. I even got to sit on the beach for a whole hour today. One hour of relaxation in five weeks of traveling! I seen some people juggling on the beach so photographed them, and wondered about the tents they where living in.


Latter on while eating supper a lady approached me trying to sell me some jewelry. She being very friendly and attractive I struck up a conversation with her. She explained to me that she was a Hippie and was one of the people living in the tents on the beach. She said they traveled with their bikes and would average about 60km a day when riding. She invited me over to their camp, so curious as I was, off I went.

There was only about 10 of them staying there. Her boyfriend I think was from Columbia, and the others I think where from Peru and Ecuador. They made their money with a little circus act where they would juggle and such, and then hope for donations. While sitting around the camp-fire talking I told the lady that I could not find any real art in Peru. That everything looked the same and was just made for tourists and not from the heart. She then said she was also an artist and showed me her work. Even though it had allot of Picasso influence to it, it was still from her heart so I bought a small drawing from her.


Another group joined us a bit latter. They where a group of 4 musicians. The one girl in this group was form Norway and she played the violin. It was her second year she had come to Peru to do this. They would go around to places where people where eating and play a song and then ask for donations. My new friends had a djembe drum that they had been playing and this group also had one, along with a small guitar and flute. They played a couple of songs around the camp-fire and then left. It was getting late and I was pretty tired from all my busy days so I also called it a night.


I stayed in a real nice/dumpy hostel, called Mar Azul Hostal. It looked like it had recently been rebuilt, but the toilet seat was missing, and the curtains wouldn't close. I had my earplugs in at night, and when I took them out at 6:00 am there was real loud music and people shouting right across the street. I think it was from the local bar. One defiantly should do a bit of research on the Trip Adviser web-site before booking a Hostel here.


I finally got out of bed and by 8:00 pm I was taking a day tour of the Paracas National Park. The first part of it was a boat ride in the ocean to some island that hand thousands of sea-lions and 10's of thousands of birds on it. They mine the Guana from these islands every 6 years. When they first started doing it a hundred years ago, it was up to 10M thick in places. I guess it makes good fertilizer.


After the ocean part of the tour we drove through the park in an old tour bus and checked out the dunes, beaches, and ate at an over priced ocean restaurant before we headed back to Paracas.


The Hippies had left for Ica and I was heading the other direction to Lima. I guess I missed my chance of joining them! Very nice people, and I do hope I meet them again.

The bus ride was interesting being that I had a front row seat on the second level. The bus was constantly having to pass slow moving vehicles and there would be headlights coming towards the bus, but it would always seem to be able to swerve back into it's own lane at the last second.


Posted by ScottK 10:18 Archived in Peru

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